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Gospel is the greatest news the world has ever received. Believers have received this good news from the Bible and have experienced the life-changing power of the gospel.

Keeping believers updated on world events, interpreting world events on the basis of the Bible, increasing the theological knowledge, and promoting moral values are the main objectives of FAITHTRACK.  We will strive to unite believers around the world to think together, discuss topics together, pray together, as well as to spread the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ together.

After a long period of prayer and planning, it was a great joy for us to begin the publication of FAITHTRACK in May 2014. In order to further our mission to inform and inspire our website visitors, we pledge to upload uplifting programs and articles as well as to report news with no allegiance to any particular group or panel.  Our New Year resolution is to undertake a fresh beginning by reporting news items accurately in elegant and respectful language fitting to the values of Christian journalism.

To achieve the highest possible standards, when conflicts appear in the church world, we will report all sides of the problem, analyse events without bias, and then present our own editorial commentary on the issues.  We will not hesitate to criticize for the benefit of spiritual improvement. We will support the good wholeheartedly and attack the evil fearlessly.  We will not keep silent when individuals or churches forsake the true doctrine and fall into apostasy.  We will utilize articles, editorials, video-clips, poems, and regular columns in order to inspire, uplift, reproof, counsel, and rebuke.

We humbly request our readers to forgive any shortcomings that you may have noticed in the last two years.  We will try to correct any mistakes pointed out by you and do our best to improve our site step by step consistently. This is a new beginning for us. We need your support to achieve our spiritual goals.


Pastor Boban  Cleetus



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